And artist who is known for his work.. do it JC!

And artist who is known for his work.. do it JC!

Flowers for God.

A Flower for God.

Jimmy said it best…”scuse me, while I kiss the sky”

Funk is highly addictive .

Be careful Funky out there..

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On my way to distraction

On my way to distraction

It stopped me cold… Pimp my  bike!!!! 2014-06-01 09.44.31

2014-06-01 09.44.18

2014-06-01 09.43.59

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Chevorlete Deluxe Special 1941

Chevorlete Deluxe Special 1941

Hi Bloggers!

How is it going? I have been away from my blog….being lazy, no excuse…. i lazy piglet!  

But I’m back to blog writing, bad speln, the misconstruction and also the misrepresentation of any writing skills. I won’t be delivering well written,  flowery imaginative prose. I write…some say, boulderdash, dawdle! The manufacturing of topical and thought provoking stuff  do not happen here.…

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Sad & Happy by Funkangeles working on getting proper vocals from a proper singer

This will sound odd but play it thru and let me know cut it out or do it again it can only get better? ioi thx

My new sounds:

What I learned today, hence so do you….

What I learned today, hence so do you….

Norwegian is fun!

“du er dum det er sant” 

“You’re stupid, it’s true!”

Thank you Norway .

I can’t help myself..

hep me….

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My new sounds:

My new sounds:

My new sounds: