Graffiti Art: 58th St,La,Ca…. the other side: XVIII Pt 1 The Panoramic!

Graffiti Art: 58th St,La,Ca…. the other side: XVIII Pt 1 The Panoramic!

2014-07-20 14.00.14

Panoramic 1

Followed by the close-up of each

Left to right from picture above




2014-07-20 13.54.252014-07-20 13.54.29

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Butterflies are free..Happy Tuesday

Butterflies are free..Happy Tuesday

Had to do a little walking this morning. I spied  on top of a tree. I saw this beautiful butterfly it was pretty big..



From flower to flower i float

around I twirl,

lofting up

floating down

like no one’s at the wheel

I settle on a flower

from a crawl in my youth


to free flight

drink the nectar

high in the trees

Butterflies are free

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I’m hurting
I loved
I have a range of emotions
I Love
I am very unhappy
Stinking Love
I ride the Brahma bull of emotions
and hold on tight
To soar float fly
why? duh
I am alive
to experience
all this
It’s never easy
but possibilities are endless

RIP Robin Williams (nanoo nanoo)

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The Baconpolooza extravaganza “Day Of Bacon” Happy Baconday!!!! yaaaay

The Baconpolooza extravaganza “Day Of Bacon” Happy Baconday!!!! yaaaay

Bacon Morning!

It’s that time of the year again.(Yes i have a bacon celebration,don’t judge me!! pssth!) From the early years. I remember, how much I love bacon and, look what I compiled from off the web. One day of Bacon…

Bacon and all things Bacon

Bacon Studies

From the University of Bacon Studies

Bacon is……

Start your day with Baconimages (1)



Bacon cleaning

Brush your teeth with bacon

Happy Bacon and Eggs

Happy Bacon and Eggs

A bacon donut breakfast

A bacon donut…

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I dedicate to my Big Sister, when my brothers or I need someone we can always depend on Renee…Love you sis!

Culver City, Architectural Adventurist #3

And artist who is known for his work.. do it JC!

And artist who is known for his work.. do it JC!

Flowers for God.

A Flower for God.

Jimmy said it best…”scuse me, while I kiss the sky”

Funk is highly addictive .

Be careful Funky out there..

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On my way to distraction

On my way to distraction

It stopped me cold… Pimp my  bike!!!! 2014-06-01 09.44.31

2014-06-01 09.44.18

2014-06-01 09.43.59

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Chevorlete Deluxe Special 1941

Chevorlete Deluxe Special 1941

Hi Bloggers!

How is it going? I have been away from my blog….being lazy, no excuse…. i lazy piglet!  

But I’m back to blog writing, bad speln, the misconstruction and also the misrepresentation of any writing skills. I won’t be delivering well written,  flowery imaginative prose. I write…some say, boulderdash, dawdle! The manufacturing of topical and thought provoking stuff  do not happen here.…

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